Radhika Kawlra Singh’s trilogy of ‘YOU’, books facilitate sizeable positivity

New Delhi [India], February 19 (ANI/Digpu): “Your soul travel will create the dictate for creating several road maps and may take multiple lifetimes or, the realization that is needed to come through the travels may come within every culminating moment. The power to remain in sync with what your soul is here to do always remains with you’ This is an extract from the book It’s Easy To Be YOU’ written by Mind Coach Radhika Kawlra Singh.
In two decades of her practice as a therapist; working on psychosomatic illness, with Olympic athletes and children and others on stress and anxiety, Radhika has facilitated many to align with their unknown spiritual path and better understand their struggle and gather their strengths.
In an in-depth conversation, Radhika elaborates on the human journey of change, the struggle for empowerment, and the individual effort required for any collective gain.
Every next moment brings forth a new experience. Additional information will birth new beliefs and new learning will up-skill you – yet the process will potentially trigger more stress, anxiety, and fear. When you work on your own issues, with books that promote a spirit of self-inquiry – you remain consistent and you work with more honesty. In this manner, you feel more skilled, more independent and you remain much more prepared to address upcoming challenges.
The purpose of a self-help book is to offer guidelines that help the reader better understand what they need for themselves. As each one starts to rely more on their own strength – they discover that it was only their own weakness that created hurdles. They begin to worry less and less about the opinion of others and are forced to build more trust in themselves. It clearly serves a dual purpose.
The earlier you heal yourself, the more power comes back to you to address and influence the world around you. Unless you repair what appears to be broken within – you will not be of use to the community around you. Addressing your own concerns thoroughly helps you discard the filters that keep you from finding the good in others.
Today, each one has a deeper commitment towards their own cause. The enthusiasm and appreciation for another are rare. ‘YOU’ is symbolic, for it serves as a constant reminder to keep the self-feeling worthy, and a giant motivator for triggering self-love. With no observer judging the self, the healing is not just consistent, it is more thorough.
The awareness of what is relevant to me expands naturally. My mind is forced to explore emotions and make my mental health more significant. In my daily routine, through one-on-one sessions and in writing and marketing my books I find that subconsciously I am repairing every broken crack in my own system as well. There is a constant struggle; while my conscious mind observes things that are difficult to repair in the now, like integrity and complete honesty in people, my subconscious is trained to find the good in each situation and in people. This disappointment makes me stronger and more resolute in my purpose to empower others and thereby myself.
Each time a client engages with the mind’s process, the brain is more powered with imagination, thereby triggering more neurotransmitters. The increased blood flow affects attention and responding actions in the brain. The client becomes more insightful and reflective of his deeper purpose, and quite spontaneously, the soul journey becomes much more relevant. Personally, I encourage the transition, as I fully trust that we are here to fuel our soul’s purpose.
Radhika is the author of three published books by Bloomsbury India: ‘It’s Easy To Be You’. ‘You,’ and ‘You will be okay’
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